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Most Minecraft tips focus on survival—surviving your first night, building a safe house, etc. But after you've become an expert in monster management and have mined to your heart's content, what's next? Luckily there are scads of tip sites available to help you boost your Minecraft tricks to expert levels.

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Technically you can't cheat in a single-player game that's all about building whatever you can imagine—but there are a few must-have Minecraft tips that can help you achieve your wildest creative dreams.

Want to build the ultimate fortress, but don't have enough blocks? Inventory Editor is the first cheat you should know about. Similar to working in Creative Mode, Inventory Editor allows you to add infinite blocks to your game inventory, giving you an endless palette of materials to satisfy your creative genius. However, if you display your constructions online, you get extra kudos from the fan community if you take the  time to mine all your materials by hand, rather than using an inventory cheat.

Here are two of the best, tested sites to find Minecraft cheats:



You will discover many of these tips and tricks on your own as you play, but some of them are essential. For example, L shift is the "sneak" button. If you hold down L shift when you are on the edge of a cliff, wall, or bridge you are building, it is nearly impossible to fall off. I can't tell you how many times this trick has come in handy. Just don't let go of L shift!

Another of the best Minecraft beginner tips is the never-ending spring of water. Dig a 1 x 1 x 3 trench and pour 1 block of water into each block of the trench. You can then draw water infinitely from the middle block. It will always be replenished by the other two. This will save you a lot of time wandering around searching for ponds and lakes.


No Minecraft tips would be complete without a section on modding. For many players, this is the best part!

#1 Tip:

#1 Tip: Make sure you back up your game file and all your saved worlds before you try to install mods! Although some official mod support has been added to Minecraft 1.1, player-created mods for Minecraft can be extremely buggy. Always make sure you have copies of your original files before you try modding. There are many complicated backup programs and tutorials to do this, but the game and worlds can be backed up simply by saving multiple copies.

Another thing to watch out for is the game's strict compatibility requirements. If you have modded your copy of Minecraft, it won't work with any Minecraft server unless they are running the exact same mods. You will have to restore your copy of Minecraft to its original form before you can play on an online server, or play from a non-modded copy.

Mods can be found on many sites. Mods for Minecraft has a Top Minecraft Mods list and a mod loader to help with the install. There is also a large section on the Minecraft forum dedicated to released mods, modding tips, and troubleshooting.

There are mods that add animals and plants, guns and airplanes, and even extra minerals. One popular mod is Nightmare Mode, which effectively turns Minecraft into Night of the Living Dead—only scarier. All the mobs know where you are. That's right. All of them. Even Creepers. This should be combined with the SDK Gun Mod for a full zombie apocalypse war-zone experience.

Note: Not all mods and cheats have been tested with Minecraft 1.1 full release version, and bugs are common. But there are also many more Minecraft tips, cheats, videos, and mod help available online.