Minecraft Texture Pack Downloads


Minecraft was designed with low-intensity graphics so it can be played on almost any computer, but the 8-bit look can get old. Minecraft texture pack downloads change the look of the game by upgrading the graphics on the blocks in the games. There are hundreds of texture packs for Minecraft stashed at the Minecraft forum, but you can find 7 of the best-dressed texture packs below!


Most Minecraft texture pack downloads are very simple to install. They are also free! Locate the texture packs folder in your copy of Minecraft and drag the texture pack files you want into it. When you open the game, click on "Texture Packs" on the main menu, and your downloads should be there. If you're having trouble, there are a variety of tutorials online to help you, check out the very helpful video tutorial below on installing your new texture pack.

For some texture packs, especially high-resolution and HD textures, a patch is needed to make them run properly with Minecraft. MC Patcher is the most used and most user-friendly. It allows you to switch back and forth between texture packs and makes Minecraft textures in different sizes compatible.

There is also a new version of OptiFine a patch specifically designed to make HD texture packs run faster with Minecraft. Users often report that it more than doubles the frames per second load rate. The mod has been updated for compatibility with Minecraft 1.1.


The Best-Designed Texture Packs


Adventurer's Pack - By far one of the most popular Minecraft texture pack downloads, Adventure Pack is used in Zelda Adventure and many other dungeon-style Minecraft adventure maps. The best part is the realistic look of stone and wood plank blocks. It lends itself well to fantastic castles and fearsome dungeons.

Download Adventurer's Pack 3

Download the latest Adventurer's Pack 4.0

DokuCraft – The Doku Pack is one of the most artistically-appealing texture downloads. It adds a special look to all kinds of blocks. Even the animals are more realistic and more colorful. Bricks, ore blocks like diamonds, and lava look fantastic. My favorite part is the graphics the pack uses for doors and furnaces.

Side Note: Doku, the original creator of this texture pack has stopped updating it, however if you do want a more updated version of this texture pack, there are some DokuCraft fans who have been updating the pack in Doku's absence. Check out this Minecraft forum post if you are interested in getting a later version of this pack.

LB Photo Realism - An incredible graphics upgrade that turns Minecraft landscapes into shots worthy of a nature show. The grass sprouts realistic, ferny fronds, tree trunks have gnarled bark, and the water reflects light like ocean waves. High-resolution HD graphics, not for slower computers.

Major Craft – The Major Craft texture pack is a compilation of textures from several different downloads. It has beautiful designs for sandstone, crafting tables, wood planks, and lava. The animals have gotten an upgrade too!


EscapeCraft - this texture pack has been specifically designed to acompany the EscapeCraft Series of Adventure Maps. Don't have the Adventure Map? Visit our page on Adventure Maps where you can find out all about the map.


Jolicraft – The Jolly Craft texture pack changes the whole of Minecraft visually into a very happy place.
From the developer of this texture pack, these are it's main features:

· Custom swirly smoke/explosion animation
· "Andre the Wanderer" character skin included
· All terrain items
· GUI & hud
· Moody custom clouds
· All Passive mobs
· All No-So-Passive mobs
· Boat, cart, sign, sun, moon, bed, pumpkinblur, biomes, et cetera, etc, and more!



Eldpack – is a cartoon-like 16 x16 default texture pack for Minecraft, compatible with the full release 1.0.0. If you would like to use the customised water and lava included with this pack download and run the MCPatcher HD.
Basically with this pack you get a complete visual redo of the terrain in more vivid colours. You'll notice the Mobs and GUI have different skins as well and it is one of the few texture packs I have seen that do this well.




Other Texture Tricks

As Minecraft is designed to be low-graphics intensive, running higher-quality texture packs may slow down your computer and loading times. Make sure you find a Minecraft texture pack download your system can handle.

There are also Wallhack texture packs that essentially make all the blocks in Minecraft transparent. Clear or transparent texture packs usually leave minerals visible, making this a great hack for mining.

A variation on this is the Wireframe Minecraft texture. This is less disorienting than a purely transparent texture. It leaves a colored "frame" or outline of every transparent block, giving you "x-ray vision" to locate the minerals you want. Watch this video to see how it works!