Minecraft Skins Editor


If you’ve searched all the Minecraft skins databases but can’t find the perfect fit, you can try making your own custom skin with a Minecraft skins editor. Technically, you can use any image-editing software to make skins for Minecraft, but skins editors make the process a whole lot easier.


Minecraft Reference Skin

There is a variety of neat skin editors to choose from. Minecraft has inspired many offshoots, fan sites, mods, world editors, and other programs that help you improve your game-play experience. In your Minecraft profile on the main site (minecraft.net), you will find the Minecraft “reference skin” (a simple blue and brown avatar), and instructions on how to edit the skin in an image workshop like Gimp or Photoshop.

This is harder than it sounds. To make the skin work with the 3D avatar in the game itself, the .png file you’ll have to create disassembles the skin and lays it out horizontally, with detached body parts jumbled up all over the picture. Fortunately, several users have created programs that will help you modify this file in a way the game can read.


Best Minecraft Skins Editors


SkinEdit is by far the best-known Minecraft skins editor. It is available to download from the Minecraft forum. The editor’s excellent interface is what makes it popular. SkinEdit separates each surface on the 3D character into panels (face left side, face right side, front body, etc.) and lines the panels up in order for easier editing.

SkinEdit is easy to use, but somewhat difficult to install, so you might want to look at freeminecraftskins.com, which has a very helpful tutorial on installing and using the program. You can also download SkinEdit from there.

SkinCraft is a Minecraft skins editor that runs online. It behaves like a Java game, and requires no download or install. You can make a new skin or modify one you upload or import, all directly from your browser window. It’s free, and you can even get a copy of SkinCraft to put on your own Minecraft fan site.

Nova Skin is another online, browser-based skins editor that offers a 3D editing interface, rather than the standard 2D panels. However, the program is extremely difficult to use and there are no instructions. One site has created a complicated tutorial to walk users through it, but it’s not the best choice for beginners.

Miners Need Cool Shoes also has a skins editor that runs in a browser window. It is a very basic site without all the flash and flair of SkinCraft, but it works. You will need an account on the site to use the editor.


Pre-fab Parts


If skins editors aren’t for you the Minecraft Armory has an assortment of pre-made body parts to choose from. Pick your favorites from a selection of heads, tops, pants, and hair, and the Armory’s skingenerator will add them to the avatar. When you’re satisfied, the program will create the skin for you and allow you to upload it to Minecraft’s server. No downloads required!