How to Install Texture Packs with MCPatcher


 This tutorial is a recommendation for the MCPatcher to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience.

For many Minecrafters, the default texture pack (16 x 16 resolution) that comes with the game just doesn't cut it. Some of us like to experiment with different textures that change the terrain in our gaming experience, and some of these textures we are talking about are in HD or High Definition ( 32 x 32 or higher resolution). And it is with these texture packs that handy little tools called Patches comes into play that allow compatability between the HD textures and the Minecraft game.

Two of the best patches for Minecraft are MCPatcher or OptiFine.

Default texture packs do not need a patch to work, so I guess test your texture pack before using this patch, if it doesn't work chances are you need this patch installed.

Here is how to use MC Patcher:

1. Once you have chosen and downloaded your new texture pack, make sure it is located in the right spot. This should be in the .minecraft/ texture pack folder.
2. Download MCPatcher
3. Double click MCPatcher HD
4. Click the options you would like - HD Textures, HD Font, Better Grass - I usually tick all three.
5. Click the patch bar down the bottom of the window - you do not need to pre - select your texture pack yet.
6. Start your game
7. Click Mods and texture packs
8. Click open your texture packs folder
9. Copy all of your new texture packs into this folder
10. Play your game with enhanced HD textures!

If you are having trouble check out this video tutorial on how to install a texture pack!