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With over 5 million copies purchased months before its official release, Minecraft is a fast-growing gaming trend with an extensive internet culture. The possibilities for game play are endless—from the boundless building potential in the game itself to online multi-player servers and quests on player-created custom maps. This guide is here to help you get the most enjoyment possible out of Minecraft. It's also great for moms and dads who want to know what their kid is really doing up late at night.


Where to buy

First things first: where do you get it? Minecraft is an internet download available at www.minecraft.net. The game was running in it's Beta phase up until November 2011 when the The initial game was released. Once purchased, Minecraft updates itself automatically as the developers release new versions. This means Beta users got all the updates when the full game was released, without paying another dime.


Creating Worlds with Minecraft

In the Beta version of the game players could only play in survivial mode with the one and only goal being not get eaten by monsters—which is harder than it sounds. But with the Full Release of the game came the addition of Creative Mode for gameplay. With the Creative Mode players have access to infinite building blocks and they don't take damage from monsters attacking them or from other dangers of the game like lava or falling. With Creative Mode one can also enable flying which means you can build a hell of a lot faster! You can read more about the Creative Mode on the Creative Mode Wiki page.

People who haven't played Minecraft won't believe you when you try to explain how terrifying this simple 8-bit game can be. Minecraft is a low-level graphics world of blocks that looks like nothing so much as an old-fashioned Legoland. But don't be fooled; the low-intensity graphics are designed to allow Minecraft to generate massive worlds. Worlds are created from "seeds," and all are randomly generated. Generating two maps from the same seed will create similar landmarks on similar coordinates, but no two worlds are exactly alike.

On a single-player map, you can explore endless surreal land formations—floating cliffs, nerve-racking cave systems, hidden lava pools, and bizarre hanging rock spires—or build a monolith to your creative genius. But first you must survive the blindly-running homeless nomad phase.

The best place to start for general information on Survival mode is the Minecraft Wiki. It contains many useful tutorial articles, such as "Things not to do." But the Wiki will be a slow read for most players, and most may want to experience things for themselves first. There is also a host of short tutorial videos online to help you survive your first monster-filled night.

Here are a couple of the most popular ones:





What's next?

When you are comfortable with Survival mode, you may quickly find you need company.. If you’re looking for friends, take a look at our article on the Best Minecraft Servers . Online Survival multi-player servers offer a new level of game play that transports Minecraft from a building game into the realm of co-ops, RPGs, and even war and strategy games. For more about Minecraft servers, see our general article here.

To keep the game exciting, some players find they need a quest to complete or a challenge to conquer. For that, Minecraft Adventure Maps offer a variety of missions, mysteries, and adventures. Or you could try many of the newly created texture packs that take the graphics a notch or to. There is so much customisation available with Minecraft that one should never get bored with the game. Just continue to try new things, like textures or maps.

Minecraft's unique platform enables a multitude of game modes and styles as limitless as the things you can build with it. The possibilities truly are endless.