Minecraft Guide


Minecraft's rapid rise in popularity has "spawned" literally dozens of Minecraft guides and help sites. Sorting through all the how-tos, go-tos, and lore about Minecraft can be a challenge. That's why we have compiled a short list of the best resources as an easy one-stop guide to Minecraft.


The first thing any beginner will want to check out is the Minecraft guide on Crafting.Minecraft crafting is the means by which you will create all items in the game—everything from tools for mining and survival to mine carts and rails and complex systems of levers, traps, and drawbridges.


There is no hard-and-fast Minecraft guide to gameplay because there are no hard-and-fast objectives. The rules of Minecraft survival are common sense: avoid getting killed by monsters, do not fall in lava, do not use a flint and steel in or around your house, etc.

Beyond that, the best tips of experienced players all say: find a project! Something to build, something to explore—a castle in the air or a better mob trap. For that, you will need some resources and items you can only get by mining.

Visit the Minecraft Wiki's tutorial on Mining Techniques for a full list of all the constructive mining methods. The best mining strategy is a matter of much debate. Everyone has their favorite or a variation on the standard methods. Crafthub.net (a spin-off site all about Minecraft) also has "100 Tips & Tricks to a Better Mine-Life"

But the "Elites of Minecraft" thread is the most amazing mining review. Using a mathematical formula, this Minecraft guide calculates that branch mining is the best and most efficient way to find rare minerals, especially the coveted diamonds.

One user has posted a tutorial video here:

Whatever mining strategy you choose, just remember: Never dig straight down.

Tips, Tricks & Cheats

As with any game, experienced players have found a variety of game functions that either don't work the way they're supposed to or work too well—for example, the never-ending water supply from this list of useful cheats: www.minecraftcheats.co thread. These are normal game functions and can be legitimately helpful. The more devious Minecraft cheats are performed through server hacks (not sponsored by Mojang). The most common hack is actually a mod: Inventory Editor. Downloading this mod allows you to add unlimited blocks to your game inventory, allowing you to build cities out of TNT or mansions out of solid gold bricks. This is considered cheating, but it's necessary if you just have to have a quantity of materials you could ever get by mining.

On a Minecraft server multi-player platform, the admin players have almost unlimited power over the world. They can enable flying on the server, teleport players instantly to themselves like they were summoning a genie, and can even "smite" other players for bad behavior. This can be both entertaining and a crime deterrent on larger servers, but can also be frustrating if you get a bad admin.

In general, though, Minecraft is a game without limitations, and you can get whatever you want out of it. The tips are not important; it's what you make of them!