What Is AdventureCraft and How To Install It


 This tutorial is an introduction to the AdventureCraft Mod - a mod for minecraft designed around dungeons. AdventureCraft facillitates the abilty to create Minecraft Adventure Maps that you can share with other Minecraft players.
AdventureCraft has loads of cool features like: musical scripts, trigger blocks and non-player characters (NPCs).

When you play a map created with AdventureCraft, players cannot destroy blocks and they don't have the ability to create them either, the creator maintains control over those features. But you can battle against angry mobs, and weapons like guns and shields are available for use.
The Minecraft Wiki also states: The player can turn a flatgrass map into a huge Mayan Temple by going into debug mode or control the weather using a Weather Block. Possibilities are endless especially with your own mobs and scripts!

AdventureCraft is currently compatible with 1.0 and is available for download. You can download it here.

How to Install AdventureCraft:

its a pretty straight forward little application to install:
1. Firstly, download the AdventureCraft Mod
2. Open the folder and run the application - not the windows batch or .jar file. Click on this application file to open.
3. A window with an AdventureCraft style installation wizard will pop up.
4. Click on install via login.
5. Log in with your minecraft account details, ie. the username and password you use to log into your minecraft account on minecraft.com. This is pretty safe but if your worried don't install it!
6. Click on login and it should install for you.
7. Once that is installed a wondow will pop up saying finished installation
8. Click on start and you should be good to go! The application will be installed when you open up your minecraft game and you can begin creating maps to share with other minecraft players.

If you would like some help creating your first minecraft map using Adventurecraft take a look at the tutorial below for some guidance.

NOTE: AdventureCraft is compatible with 1.0 via its installer but it only has features from beta 1.7.3 and back.